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Reiki and Massage Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Massage Therapy and Reiki in Portland, Oregon. Hosting Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, Events, and more. Studio Rental available for workshops, classes, and events.



The benefits of massage and reiki are many, whether you are seeking relaxation, relief from pain, increased mobility, an overall balancing of your system, or even a fuller, richer life. And sometimes a body just needs a bit of compassionate touch to feel validated, present, and alive.



Swedish and Deep Tissue for General Wellbeing: A deep-pressure blend of Swedish relaxation massage, reiki energy work, and deep tissue techniques for pain relief and light rebalancing in focus areas and the whole body. This is my most popular treatment, as it allows my clients to melt into the present while also taking home a bit of refreshing change. Contrary to the common concept that massages are a luxury, relaxation massage is an excellent form of self-care. Studies have shown that it reduces the harmful effects of stress and enables the body’s natural ability to heal itself.



Deep Tissue Troubleshooting for Pain and Tension: This treatment focuses on one or two specific areas of discomfort, depending upon the length of the appointment. I often begin with Swedish techniques to relax and warm the tissues, assess the areas of tension and restriction, and help my client become accustomed to my touch. I then work deeper layers using reiki, muscle energy techniques, manual manipulation, and stretches. This type of focused work can often require some client participation, and can be excellent for overcoming pain and increasing mobility. In addition to the bodywork, I will send my clients home with stretches and strengthening exercises that will help them achieve long-term relief from pesky and painful problems. Commonly treated ailments that benefit from this kind of work include stiff/sore neck and shoulders, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and joint pain and restrictions.

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rebalance and detoxify

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage for Digestion and Liver Detox: Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced “chee-nay-song”) is a gentle, clothed massage for revitalizing the visceral tissues within the abdominal regions using manual manipulation, sound vibrations, and the redirection of energetic current in the body. This modality works with the understanding that negative emotions can become trapped within the abdomen, causing a variety of ailments, including digestive issues and adrenal fatigue. This can easily be observed when one experiences a stomach ache, gas, or frequent urination when nervous or anxious, or tension around the chest when severely stressed. And just like the muscles in the rest of the body, visceral muscle can also develop adhesions, or “knots,” that interfere with normal function. While beneficial for most anyone, this treatment can be particularly helpful for those post pregnancy, surgery, or illness, or with low back pain. (Not safe if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.)

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realign your energies

Reiki: An ancient energy-based healing system that involves a laying on of hands. Attuned in Level II Reiki, I am able to channel the Ki or 'life force energy' to places in a client's body where it is needed. Results can include relaxation, improved mood, better sleep, improved self-healing, reduced anxiety, and energetic boosts. Reiki treatments can also promote clarity of mind, notably around cultivating positive life changes and achieving dreams. Full Reiki treatments are done clothed, however a client may opt to receive reiki during a massage treatment as well.



Foot Reflexology: In addition to being a wonderfully relaxing and thorough foot massage treatment, foot reflexology helps to restore the balance and flow of energy by working points on the feet that correspond to different parts of the body.


Although a highly beneficial method of self care and unwinding tissue restrictions, massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care. A massage therapist cannot diagnose or treat medical issues or apply prescription medications. Oregon law requires draping for all massage sessions. All massage therapy is strictly professional and non-sexual. Any illicit language, sexual references or advances will NOT be tolerated, and will result in the termination of the session with no refund and no future treatments.