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Massage Therapy and Reiki in Portland, Oregon. Hosting Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, Events, and more. Studio Rental available for workshops, classes, and events.

Water, blogged.

Hydrating our bodies is vital when it comes to flushing out toxins, maintaining digestive health, transporting nutrients to our cells, and lubricating connective tissues and muscles.

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Deep Tissue Massage: A treatment experience unique to the individual

While there are times in a deep tissue massage treatment that might necessitate pushing through levels of discomfort to achieve effective change, it is also quite common for the experience to be relaxing and feel wonderful. Deep tissue massage can be adapted and performed to suit your physical and emotional well-being via good communication and an open-minded approach during your massage session.

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Online Scheduling for Massage and Reiki


We live in a time of convenience and instant gratification. While it may not be the most advantageous for our psyche to be able to fulfill our desires in the mere moments it takes to google something, there are times when this aspect of our culture does come in very handy. One such instance is online scheduling for massage and bodywork.

As a massage therapist, I love online scheduling. It allows you to set up your massage or reiki appointment the moment that you think to do so. It could be in the middle of the day while I am treating another client and unable to come to the phone. It could be 3am, when you wake up to back pain from your decision to rearrange all the furniture in the living room yesterday. It could be for a massage on a whim, when you decide at the last minute to see if I have something available that same day. It could even be that evening, just before you are about to hop into bed, when you say to yourself “Oh, shoot (or maybe some other word), I forgot I wanted to schedule a massage with that nice lady from InnerStellar Bodyworks!” Well, thanks to online scheduling, you can set up your next massage or reiki session at any time, day or night.

How does it work? Well here is a real-life example:


You wake up feeling a little down, sluggish from the long Portland winter. It’s only 8am, and you know that I won’t be open until later that day, but you want to make sure that you take care of yourself. You really need to stop putting off that reiki session. So you go onto my website and you click the “book now” button. You select the service (a 90 minute reiki session sounds great, you think to yourself), and pick the day and time. Lucky for you, I still have an opening left today! You follow the prompts, providing necessary information as needed, and then make your payment. Your appointment is set, and all you need to do is show up for your session.

Wonderful, isn’t it? It’s so easy and only takes a few minutes. I love it, too, because it reduces the time it takes for administrative duties, leaving me more time to do what I love most: work with clients on the table. That being said, of course, there are some downsides to online scheduling. Because clients are able to pick their own appointment time, the schedule will not volunteer when I am able to squeeze someone in based upon my own judgment. And although I do my best to provide as much information on my website as possible, sometimes it is easier and more reassuring just to get on the phone and ask the question yourself. Do you accept my insurance? How long of a massage session should I schedule for my neck and should tension? What the heck is reiki, anyway? Can you get me in on Saturday even though the online scheduler says you’re full? These are all great questions, and I am more than happy to answer them. I enjoy the individual interaction—I’m a massage therapist, after all!


Looking forward to our next session together!

Anna Horvitz

Licensed Massage Therapist

Portland, Oregon


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