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Reiki and Massage Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Massage therapy and Reiki in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in Massage Therapy for Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pain Relief, Structural Integration, and Reiki Energy Healing. Health Insurance Accepted.





“Anna is incredibly talented. I felt immediately at ease on her table, and she gives me space for silent reflection and relaxation that I need so much in a healing setting. She’s communicative about what she’s doing and where on the body she’s working, which helps me feel more comfortable in my body. As a transgender person, it’s not always easy to be present/safe in my body, but Anna makes it easy! Her massage relieves pain and tension, it’s clear she’s experienced and fine-tuned to subtle energies.”


“Anna is a diligent and effective bodyworker. Her attention to detail and care for her clients results in an outstanding and satisfying massage experience.”

-Salvatore F.

Anna provided one of the best massages I've ever received, and I've had my fair share of "good," and "bad," massages. The ambiance was exactly what I would have wanted. She was extremely professional and attentive. But most of all, her skill was on point. I was having some slightly uncomfortable pain from a close call "almost car accident," from a week before, on top of my usual tension. She was able to pinpoint where most of my pain was centralized or where my tension was being held and I felt SO much better the next day. I am going back in a week and I'm already looking forward to it. She provides a perfect balance to where you feel unbelievably relaxed while receiving massage but you're also working through some pain and that is hard to come by. She also does reiki, which I have not experienced with her. But I could still tell she works well with energies and that radiated through her massage practice. I would highly recommend Anna!

-Jordan B.

It’s like her hands are doing a beautiful dance all over my muscles.”

-Christy P.


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Anna Horvitz is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland, Oregon, and a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She received her education at East West College of the Healing Arts, where she studied Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Structural Integration, and SOAP Charting (for professional records of massage treatments). In addition to working as a massage therapist, she also remains a part-time dog groomer. She is an artist, musician, and practitioner of yoga, as well as a dedicated and patient fan of the Vancouver Canucks.
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How I work

Sometimes people are new to receiving professional massage, or just don’t know what to expect from a massage therapist that is new to them. Here is an explanation of how I work.

In a typical relaxation or deep tissue massage session, I will spend a minute or two discussing what the client wants to work on, sometimes making a visual or palpation assessment of tissue restrictions. Then I will step out while the client disrobes and climbs under the covers on the massage table.* I like to work on the skin because this direct contact provides me with the most information on where to unwind tissue restrictions. When my client is receiving a massage treatment, I only uncover the areas where I am working. In massage-speak, using the linens to maintain modesty is referred to as “draping,” and is a legal requirement in the state of Oregon, so neither client nor therapist need worry about feeling exposed or prudish.

I warm and assess the tissues with a lighter touch before going in with a deeper pressure. If necessary, and if the client is comfortable with it, I will “talk” to the tissues energetically if they need a little extra encouragement to let go. I will never work deeper than the tissues allow or deeper than the client’s level of comfort, whichever comes first.

In a Chi Nei Tsang treatment, the client remains clothed, wearing clothing that does not restrict the abdomen.** I may start with a neck and shoulder massage to help guide the client into a relaxed state, making the body more receptive to work in this area, which is usually very guarded. If the abdominal tissues feel highly restricted I may apply a lotion or oil to the skin and use Swedish massage techniques to encourage relaxation. As with a body massage, I start lighter and go in deeper. I use energetic communication with the visceral tissues to encourage change, as they are considerably more delicate than muscle tissues. If a client is requesting or in need of a liver detox treatment, I will use a pumping technique on the right side of the rib basket to flush out stagnant fluids and energies. If my client feels comfortable with it, I will also verbalize any concentration of stagnant emotions that I might witness during the treatment. Bringing awareness to areas of concentrated emotions can be a helpful tool for preparing the client to process feelings that might “flush out” of their system for a few hours or days after a session.

* There are circumstances in which a client may prefer to stay fully clothed, in which case I would employ a different massage technique. If this is your preference, please let me know when you schedule your appointment, and wear comfortable, modest clothing like you would for the gym or a yoga class.

** Some clients request incorporating a few minutes of abdominal work to their relaxation or deep tissue session.